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Open / Global Tender Enquiries - FY 2016-17

Open / Global Tender Notice No.: DIAT/MMG/2016-17/04 Download

Serial Number Tender Enquiry Number Description of Stores / Item Link for Download
01 DIAT/MMG/TE/2016-17/221/D-1 X-Ray Photoelectron Spectrometer Download
02 DIAT/MMG/TE/2016-17/222/D-1 Automated Antenna Measurement System Download
03 DIAT/MMG/TE/2016-17/211/D-2 L-Smart RFID System Download
04 DIAT/MMG/TE/2016-17/212/D-1 CNC Turnmill Centre with Accessories Download
05 DIAT/MMG/TE/2016-17/215/D-1 Optical Spectrum Analyser Download
06 DIAT/MMG/TE/2016-17/213/D-2 04 Channel & 16 Channel Data Acquisition Hardware Download
07 DIAT/MMG/TE/2016-17/214/D-1 Mobile Robot (Indoor) Download
08 DIAT/MMG/TE/2016-17/216/D-1 Dual Phase Lock In Amplifier Download
09 DIAT/MMG/TE/2016-17/217/D-3 High Voltage Pulsar Download
10 DIAT/MMG/TE/2016-17/218/D-1 Air Flow Study Unit with measurement of boundary layer accessory Download
11 DIAT/MMG/TE/2016-17/219/D-1 Autocorrelator Download
12 DIAT/MMG/TE/2016-17/220/D-2 Implementation of CCTV Surveilance System at POINTS Hostel Download